Diana L. Barkan
ifk Visiting Fellow

Duration of fellowship
01. May 1997 bis 30. July 1997

The Anxiety of Influence and the Life of the Scientist


[Für dieses Fellowship liegt keine klassische Projektbeschreibung vor]


Diana L. Barkan, Assistant Professor of History am California Institute of Technology, Pasadena studierte Chemie in Haifa und Tel-Aviv sowie History of Science in Harvard. 1990 Ph.D. Dissertation an der Harvard University Walther Nernst and the Transition to Modern Physica/Chemistry.


Publizierte u.a. Simply a Matter of Chemistry? The Nobel Prize for 1920 in: Perspectives on Science (4(2) December 1994); The Witches' Sabbath. Walther Nernst and the First Solvay Congress in: Science in Context 6 (Spring 1993); Physicists as Chemists. The Perspectival View of Nature (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).