Eve Blau
ifk Visiting Fellow

Duration of fellowship
01. May 2002 bis 30. June 2002

Transformative Transactions: Architecture, Media, City 1920-1970


The project explores ways in which architectural knowledge was shaped, transmitted, consumed, and instrumentalized through modes of representational discourse - photography, film, exhibitions, magazines- other than architecture itself in the period (roughly) from 1920 to1970. Focusing on cities in Central Europe (Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, among others), the research is directed toward understanding how evolving technologies of communication, avantgarde art practices, and political and social transformation during this period impacted on architectural culture in the region- generating both public and theoretical discourses regarding the communicative function of the architectural object and the city itself.


Eve Blau is a Lecturer in Architectural History at the Department of Architecture, Harvard University. Graduate School of Design, and a Curator at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal.


U. a. The Architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934 (1999); gem. mit Monika Platzer (Hg.): Mythos Großstadt. Architektur und Stadtbaukunst in Zentraleuropa 1890-1937 (1999)