Noah Isenberg
Fulbright ifk Senior Fellow

Duration of fellowship
01. March 2003 bis 30. June 2003

A Viennese Childhood: The Early Years of Edgar G. Ulmer


Drawing on various research facilities in Vienna, including the film and historical archives as well as special collections, this project will focus on Edgar G. Ulmer’s Viennese beginnings, on his schooling and his initial collaboration with Rudolf and
Joseph Schildkraut and Max Reinhardt. Noah Isenberg will explore the impact of this training and upbringing, the legacy of which remained with Ulmer long after he left Europe. This early period constitutes a vital part of Noah Isenberg’s book-length study devoted to Ulmer.


Associate Professor of German Studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut


U.a. Between Redemption and Doom: The Strains of German-Jewish Modernism (Nebraska 1999)