Omer Bartov
IFK_Visiting Fellow

Duration of fellowship
01. June 2004 bis 30. June 2004

Omer Bartov


The Origins of Genocide in Buczacz, Ukraine


This research project will trace the origins of genocide in the complexities of interethnic relations over a long time span in the East Galician town of Buczacz, situated some 80 miles southeast of L'viv. Omer Bartov will investigate the dynamic that creates, or prevents, the transformation of a community based on interaction and cooperation into a community of genocide. Composed of a mixed Jewish-Polish-Ukrainian population for centuries, Buczacz saw the eradication of its Jewish inhabitants by Nazi murder squads assisted by local collaborators in World War II. The main outlines of the Holocaust in East Galicia have recently been reconstructed. But we know very little about how genocide actually unfolded on the ground, as weil as about the nature of the social fabric upon which these policies were enacted and to which it reacted. This can be better understood only by delving deeper into the past and providing the perspective of all groups involved in the event.


Omer Bartov is Professor of European History at Brown University. 


U.a. Murder in Our Midst (Oxford/New York 1996); Mirrors of Destruction. War, Genocide and Modern Identity (Oxford/New York 2000); with Phyllis Mack: In God