Elena Germanovna Trubina
IFK_Visiting Fellow

Zeitraum des Fellowships:
01. März 2004 bis 30. Juni 2004

Elena Germanovna Trubina


On Understanding of Public Art Viewing: Between Social Constructivism and Ethics


The aim of this project is to explore whether or not a combination of intersubjective ethics of responsibility and reception theory in public art discourse can provide a framework for a more nuanced understanding of public art viewing and to offer an outline of a reception theory of public art. Elena Germanovna Trubina will consider actual viewers'  opinions about particular public art works and the ethical judgements contained in them, along with the major conceptions of intersubjective ethics and public art. How do different publies respond to public art works?


Professor of Philosophy and Culture at Ural State University, Ekaterinburg


U.a. The Narrated Self: The Problem of Personal Identity in the Philosophy of Contemporaneity (Ekaterinburg 1995); Cultural Studies and Art. A Short Handbook (Ekaterinburg 1998); Narratology: Origins, Problems, and Perspectives (Ekaterinburg 2002); The Narrated Self: The Imprints of the Voice (Ekaterinburg 2002)