The philosophy of the ifk International Research Center for Cultural Studies, University of Art and Design Linz is founded on the principles of clarity, communication and interdisciplinary exchange. The transparency of its organizational structure is not an end in itself, but aims to let visiting scholars and future academics make contact with one other.



Cultural studies/Kulturwissenschaften should truly be called cultures studies/Kulturen-Wissenschaften, since they are concerned with cultures as plural and dynamic life-forms characterized by processes of movement, exchange, delimitation, transfer, and reciprocal influence and interpenetration.



ifk Advisory Board

The International Scientific Advisory Board of the ifk assesses the applications for senior and research fellowships and advises the Executive Board and the Director in the design and implementation of a high-quality scientific program.

ifk Executive Board

Included among the tasks of the ifk Executive board are: advising the Rectorate and the management of the ifk, the nomination of a member of the selection committee for the appointment of the director, issuing an opinion on the appointment of members of the International Scientific Advisory Board (IAB) as well as the evaluation of the Centre activities (quality assurance).

ifk Events

Lectures are held regularly during the semesters at the ifk, generally on Mondays, which are aimed both at scientists and at members of the public who are interested.

You will find information about the most popular event formats on this website.