Association of Friends of the IFK International Research Centre for Cultural Studies

Following its establishment in 1992, the non-profit Association of the IFK International Research Center managed the IFK from its inception the following year until the Research Center’s integration into the University of Arts and Design Linz in early 2015.

During this integration, the organization was transformed into a “friends’ association”; its name was changed accordingly, and its function shifted from managing the Research Center to supporting its activities.

The main goals of this Association are the enrichment of cultural studies within the Austrian academic landscape, the promotion of research across national borders, and the support of young scholars.


Projects supported by the association:


IFK lectures & translations >>

In the course of this year, the new volumes of our series "IFK lectures & translations" will be published by Turia + Kant (Vienna/Berlin). After "Asceticism as a Profession" by Antonio Lucci (2019, translated by Federica Romanini), we now have: "Dreaming Sisters" by Magaly Tornay, "Orienting Yourself in Space" by Jörg Kreienbrock, "Death and Domination" by Mohammed A. Bamyeh (translated by Brita Pohl), "All About Flying" by Nils Güttler, "Molecular Biology, Archaeology" by Stefanie Samida, "Cannibalogy" by Melanie Strasser.


IFK_Live: Universal Languages, Artificial Languages, Planned Languages: Dreams and Utopias of a World without Translation

At least since Leibniz and his characteristica universalis, concepts for the development of a universal or unified language have been proposed and implemented again and again. Not infrequently, however, these concepts failed in their claims.

CONCEPTION: Günther Sandner (Vienna), Thomas Macho (Vienna)


IFK_Live Conference: Translating the Present: Science Fiction and our Futures

By imagining the future, science fiction shapes the present. Rather than fore-casting the future, it re-casts the present, it re-contextualizes it, translates it into another reality, shaping the tomorrows of our mind, the way we think-our imagination.

Concept: Federico Italiano (Vienna)

in collaboration with Julia Boog-Kaminski (Vienna)


Conference: Coworking Materials. For an active materialism

Joint conference of the IFK, the Cluster of Excellence "Matters of Activity: Image Space Material" (HU Berlin) and the Art University Linz

In recent years, an anti-Cartesian turn has manifested itself in design, cultural studies and natural sciences, which denies the separation into active res cogitans and passive res extensa and conceives of the material world as (co-)acting. The conference deals with aesthetic and political consequences of this turn, in design practices and thought processes.

CONCEPTION: Karin Harrasser (Linz), Thomas Macho (Vienna), Wolfgang Schäffner (Berlin)

Conference "California Dreaming: Richard Neutra and the Significance of Californian Modernit - canceled

1-3 April 2020

California's culture and lifestyle are often thought to epitomize beauty, optimism, technological innovation, and future potentiality. In this conference, we will explore the cultural history of California, particularly its Viennese influences, through the example of the émigré architect Richard Neutra (1892-1970), who was crucial in the development of 'Californian Modernity.'

CONCEPT: Andreas Nierhaus (Vienna), Johanna Richter (Vienna), Oliver Sukrow (Vienna)


Conference "Other Work" >>

January 22-24, 2020

We will probably do different work in the future. This expectation is associated with fears and utopias at the same time: Digitalization, automation, globalization, new work, bullshit jobs, minimum wage - these are just a few keywords of the profound changes. What will the future of our work look like? And how the other of work? Will there be a secure basic income? A fixed pension? What will we inherit? What concepts of leisure, leisure, but also education will there be?

CONCEPTION: Thomas Macho (IFK, Vienna) and Julia Boog-Kaminski (IFK, Vienna)


City of Vienna/IFK_Fellow Gabriele Brandstetter>>

Project: Movement and Metaphor - Tropes and Defigurations in Contemporary Dance


City of Vienna/IFK_Fellow Michael Jeismann>>

Project: Edge and Center - the Loose Ends of the World



Projects kindly supported by MA 7/City of Vienna:


- Against Life, Against the World, Against Myself. Figures of negativity

- Huizinga Today. One Hundred Years of the Autumn of the Middle Ages

- Athens - Tokyo. The Japan of the Philosophers

- Canetti's Vienna. On the 25th anniversary of his death


City of Vienna/IFK_Urban Fellow: Mohammed Bamyeh



- Projects kindly supported by MA 7/City of Vienna:



- Notation: Imagination and Translation

- Food and Migration

- Translation in Medicine

- Edgar Zilsel: Geniereligion


City of Vienna/IFK_Urban Fellow: Sybille Krämer, Paul Weindling



- Relaunch of the IFK_Website

- International Research Network BTWH (Berkeley/Tübingen/Vienna/Harvard)


Projects kindly supported by MA 7/City of Vienna:



- Utopian Visions and Visionary Art: Beethoven's "Spiritual Realm" Revisited.
- Invisible third parties? Translation Practices in Psychotherapy and Psychoana
- Momentary Recording - Snapshot: Smallest Unit of Time, Figure of Thought, Medial Practice
- Apocalypse and Politics. On the topicality of Jacob Taubes
- Lying to the Truth - Biography on the Threshold of Poetry and Truth

City of Vienna/IFK_Urban Fellow: Eve Blau, Birgit Mersmann



- International Research Network BTWH (Berkeley/Tübingen/Vienna/Harvard)

- Projects kindly supported by MA 7/City of Vienna:


- Red Vienna


City of Vienna/IFK_Urban Fellow: Aleida Assmann, Moishe Postone



International Research Network BTWH (Berkeley/Tübingen/Vienna/Harvard)

2015 - Projects kindly supported by MA 7/City of Vienna:


- Liberation Footage

- Empire, Socialism and Jews

- Agon and Ares

- The Brilliant Quartet of the Prussian Council of State


City of Vienna/IFK_Urban Fellow: Karl Schlögel


Publication series "Schauplätze der Evidenz" (The series on the website of Campus Verlag)

Volume 1: Black/White as Evidence, "With black and White you can keep more of a distance"
ed. by Monika Wagner, Helmut Lethen, Frankfurt/Main 2015.

Volume 2: Pointing to Reality. On the Problem of Evidence in Cultural Studies.
A Reader, ed. by Helmut Lethen, Ludwig Jäger, Albrecht Koschorke, Frankfurt/Main 2015.

Volume 3: Agon and Ares. The War and the Games, ed. by Ernst Strouhal, Frankfurt/Main 2016.

Volume 4: Auf Tuchfühlung. A History of Knowledge of the Sense of Touch
ed. by Karin Harrasser, Frankfurt/Main 2017 (spring).


ZVR number: 519811694


Association purpose according to statutes:

"The purpose of the association, whose activities are non-profit, is to promote interdisciplinary research as well as postgraduate training of young scholars in the field of cultural studies, and for this purpose supports a research center."


Association Board:

Chairwoman: Dipl.-Kfm. Wilhelmine Goldmann

Vice Chairman: Dr. Ingo Zechner

Treasurer: Dr. Manfred Pittioni

Prof. Dr. Moritz Csáky

Prof. Dr. Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat

Prof. Dr. Gabriella Hauch

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arnold Schmidt



Mag. Dr. Roman Gröger

Hon.-Prof. Dr. Lorenz Mikoletzky


Managing Director:

Mag.a Viola Eichberger


Postal address:

Reichsratsstraße 17/DG
1010 Vienna